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Centralia R-VI revisits cuts talks, personnel, programs

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 6:33 am

Undergoes annual financial audit

The November 13 meeting of the Centralia School Board was mainly about money.

All R-VI programs are being scrutinized as the district's board discusses budget cuts.

All R-VI programs are being scrutinized as the district’s board discusses budget cuts.

Topics included the 2016-17 audit from Lynn Graves and Associates. The firm’s Lynn Graves was there to tell those board members present the district audit was “clean with no findings.”

R-VI Superintendent Darin Ford also reviewed previously discussed potential cuts to next year’s budget.

According to the meeting’s draft minutes he said, “After careful analysis of the preliminary budget for next year, it is predicted that the district will need to cut over $550,000 to balance next year’s budget.”

Ford provided the Fireside Guard a statement he said had been issued to district staff. “Cuts this deep must involve personnel reduction. Because the board would prefer to make personnel cuts through attrition, they are considering a one time, $5,000 retirement incentive. Here’s how that would work: if a current employee makes their retirement announcement prior to January 1st, they would receive a $5,000 bonus. This is to allow the district to get the notice earlier of intent to retire and allow time to make decisions accordingly.  We, by no means, are encouraging retirement from anyone. However, if it is something that you are considering, it would allow an early announcement and more time for the district to work with attrition rather than a cut. This bonus can be used as income tacked on to the last year for retirement calculation purposes.”

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