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Centralia aldermen table spending

Posted on Friday, June 8, 2018 at 6:26 am

A scant crowd filled five of the seats at Centralia City Hall the evening of June 4.

Forsee said the department would be cutting into Switzler street to facilitate a lot split in one of Darren Adams’ development. In response to a question from Mayor Tim Grenke he said now that mowing season has started he would not be surprised if a couple water meters every month are cut off by lawn-mowers.

“We already starting to pump to farmers . . . if we don’t get some rain we’re going to be empty before the season’s half over,” Forsee said regarding the

City Water Department Foreman Mike Forsee working with the city's current backhoe.

City Water Department Foreman Mike Forsee working with the city’s current backhoe.

city’s arrangement for allowing specific farmer-partners to use its treated waste-water for irrigation.

From there the aldermen discussed a new backhoe for the water department, to replace an older one. Forsee said it had been budgeted for last year, but decided to wait a year for the budget situation to improve.

Ward II’s Robert Hudson wanted to know if it was in this year’s budget. Interim city administrator Heather Russell said $80,000 of it was. One factor, Forsee said was getting one that would fit through the door of their garage, which led them to prefer one by Case.

Ward III’s Landon Marley presented a bid from Henderson Implement. He asked to table the purchase pending soliciting bids to find out how much it would cost to raise the door of the water department’s garage. That would enable them to consider purchasing a New Holland backhoe from Henderson, which Magley said had the same specifications. “We don’t have one in the yard,” Magley said when Forsee asked if he could see an example of the backhoe in question.

“Just day-to-day stuff,” said Electric Department foreman Jeff Armontrout when asked about his department’s activities for the month. He said every street light bulb he had to replace was replaced with a new-style LED bulb.

“We have plenty budget for this,” Russell said when the topic of a new “digger derrick truck,” for the city electric department came up. The aldermen tabled discussion and approval until the regular board meeting.

Phil Hoffman, street department foreman, said they would be working on storm sewers and waiting for a curb and gutter engineering design on the Mays Meadows project.

He also said he had received new quotes for dust control. One’s main ingredient is tree sap, the other is calcium chloride. He said the calcium chloride treatment did not have as strong as smell. That would include Ivy, South Columbia and Campbell Streets. Hoffman said. Magley said Campbell and Ivy streets should be paved by Darren Adams instead of treated. Russell said the city had $1,200 budgeted for the project. The aldermen voted to use the calcium chloride-based treatment.

They also voted to close Allen St. From Allen to Sneed from 9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., June 23, for the Centralia Women’s Network Shop Hop.

There was some discussion regarding engineering plans for Randolph Road. Ben Ross, of ESS said the city’s 2005 plans were used as a concept plan, but due to characteristics of the area that have changed since then they would need new plans. That would include a new survey. Ward I’s Don Bormann said he did not think anything had changed since it was surveyed, by him, 13 years ago.

Grenke said he was comfortable with ES&S. Lee and Hudson agreed, with Lee saying he saw no reason to switch engineering firms in mid project. Magley asked how they could proceed “with no easement from Ron Steward. He’s asked for a set of blueprints before he does anything.”

“So we’ve got to work on getting an easement,” Grenke said. “I’m not going to vote in favor of it,” Bormann said.

Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Grenke then asked the aldermen to take a moment of silence to mark the passing of Merritt Beck, who had served as city attorney for 30 years.

From there, at 7:30 p.m., they went into closed session to, according to the agenda, discuss a real estate purchase and personnel issues. They returned to open session at 8:16 p.m.