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Centralia Hurricanes host Mexico, Boonville

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Friday night the weather cooled by the swimming heated up as the Centralia Hurricanes hosted the Mexico Marlins and the Boonville Marlins.

Here are the Centralia swimmers who placed in the top five.

Claire Bennet swimming the front crawl.

Claire Bennett swimming the front crawl.

Mixed 100 Free Relay 8 & Under, 2nd place, 2:26.66S, A Relay, – James Asbury, Taylor Dawson, Garon Stowers, Jillian Timpe

Women 100 Free Relay 8 & Under, 1st place, 1:56.97, A Relay – Katelynn Asbury, Lilly Guinnip, Sophie Daum, Anna Miller  (8)

Mixed 100 Free  Relay 9‑10. 1st, 1:37.03, Brock Stemme, Charlie Robinson, Colt Lawson, Walker Dycus. 2nd, 2:09.81, Cal Romine, Charlie Carrico, Oliver Bohlmeyer, Leighton Auck

Women 100 Free  Relay 9‑10, 2nd, 2:11.39, Kendal Crosby, Adalyn Reynolds, Violet Grenke, Ryenn Gordon . 3rd, 2:28.08,  Emery Auck, Cailee Woodward, Sadie Bohlmeyer, Shae Lockwood

Mixed 200 Free Relay 11‑13, 1st,  3:21.96, Wyatt Bryson, Henry Bohlmeyer, Nick Lockwood, Ben Romine

Mixed 200 Free Relay 14‑18, 2nd, 3:14.02, Lily Stidham, Trinity Beasley, Joe Lockwood, Kyler Bahr

Women 100 IM 10 & Under, 1st 2:34.28S, Asbury, Katelynn,   2nd , 2:51.69S, Daum, Sophie, 3rd, 3:36.69, Romine, Megan

Women 100 IM  11‑12, 1st, 1:44.06S, Lawson, Jade, 2nd, 1:51.96S, Adams, Olivia

Men 100 IM  13‑14, 1st, 1:33.61S, Werkmeister, Bradley. 2nd, 2:03.58S, Miller, Ryan

Women 100 IM  13‑14, 1st, 1:38.90S, Robinson, Annie, 2nd, 1:41.95S, Auck, Mea

Women 100 IM  15‑18, 1st, 1:31.70S, Melegrito, Joella, 2nd, 1:38.56S, Kelly, Hannah, 3rd, 1:42.52S, Aulbur, Laken, 4th1:50.06S, Shaffer, Sierra

Men 100 Back, 1st, 1:24.91S, Ives, Brett

Women 25 Back 6 & Under, 1st, 44.69S, Lawson, Belle

Men 25 Back  7‑8, 2nd, 32.19S, Auck, Leighton

Women 25 Back  7‑8, 1st, 31.22S, Lancaster, Claudia, 36.02S, Miller, Anna, 2nd. 37.08S, Romine, Megan, third, 40.57S, Daum, Sophie, 4th, 1:26.95S

Men 25 Back  9‑10, 1st, 29.45S, Stemme, Brock, 30.95S, Dycus, Walker, 2nd, 32.16S, Lawson, Colt, 3rd, 34.10S, Carrico, Charlie , 4th, 36.39S, Romine, Cal 5th

Women 25 Back  9‑10, 2nd, 28.94S, Gordon, Ryenn, 31.64S, Bohlmeyer, Sadie, 3rd, 32.09S, Auck, Emerym 4th, 32.26S, Woodward, Cailee, 5th

Men 50 Back  11‑12, 1st, 1:10.90S, Baker, Coulten, 1:23.25S, Bohlmeyer, Henry, 2nd, 1:25.09S, Romine, Ben, 3rd,

Women 50 Back  11‑12, 2nd, 45.83S, Lawson, Jade, 55.38S, Carrico, Katiem 3rd

Women 50 Back  13‑14, 1st, 45.77S, McCoy, Sarah, 50.37S, Beasley, Trinity, 2nd

Men 50 Back  15‑18, 2nd, 37.51S, Ives, Brett

Women 50 Back  15‑18, 1st, 46.44S, Aulbur, Laken, 54.15S, Shaffer, Sierra, 2nd

Men 25 Free 6 & Under, 5th, 42.83S, Asbury, James

Women 25 Free 6 & Under, 1st, 35.44S, Lawson, Belle, 2nd 1:13.12S, Romine, Grace

Men 25 Free  7‑8, 2nd, 22.31S, Auck, Leighton

Women 25 Free  7‑8, 1st, 26.37S, Asbury, Katelynn, 29.94S, Daum, Sophie, 2nd, 30.57S, Lancaster, Claudia, 3rd, 31.51S, Miller, Anna, 4th, 32.59S, Dawson, Taylor, 5th

Men 25 Free  9‑10, 1st, 22.45S, Stemme, Brock , 22.71S, Dycus, Walker, 2nd, 23.75S, Lawson, Colt, 3rd, 27.15S, Robinson, Charlie, 4th, 29.71S, Romine, Cal, 5th 46.64S,

Women 25 Free  9‑10, 1st, 21.81S, Gordon, Ryenn, 3rd, 24.32S, Bohlmeyer, Sadie, 4th, 26.53S, Auck, Emery, 5th, 26.96S, Woodward, Cailee

Men 50 Free  11‑12. 1st 38.87S, Ewens, William, 2nd, 43.32S, Dycus, Riley, 3rd, 49.69S, Bohlmeyer, Henry, 4th, 50.38S, Bryson, Wyatt, 5th, 56.72S, Romine, Ben

Women 50 Free  11‑12, 2nd, 42.45S, Lawson, Jade, 3rd, 44.15S, Adams, Olivia, 4th, 45.33S, Carrico, Katie, 5th, 49.68S, Daum, Emma

Men 50 Free  13‑14, 1st, 33.56S, Werkmeister, Bradley, 2nd, 44.87S, Miller, Ryan

Women 50 Free  13‑14, 1st, 37.02S, Bennett, Claire, 2nd, 37.75S, Auck, Mea, 3rd, 38.03S, Robinson, Annie, 4th, 39.03S, Ewens, Madison, 5th, 39.45S, Beasley, Trinity

Men 50 Free  15‑18, 2nd, 1:00.89S, Bahr, Kyler, 4th, 1:26.85S, Parrish, Rusty

Women 50 Free 15‑18, 1st, 36.53S, Melegrito, Joella. 2nd, 38.53S, Kelly, Hannah3rd, 39.76S, Aulbur, Laken, 4th, 40.44S, Shaffer, Sierra, 5th, 40.68S, Stidham, Lily

Men 100 Breast, 2nd, 1:31.65S, Ives, Brett, 3rd, 1:43.75S, Werkmeister, Bradley, 4th,  1:49.34S, Ewens, William, 5th, 1:59.09S, Miller, Ryan

Women 100 Breast, 1st, 1:42.63S, Robinson, Annie, 2nd, 1:47.02S, Kelly, Hannah, 3rd, 1:47.87S, Stidham, Lily, 4th, 1:54.03S, Auck, Mea, 5th, 1:54.09S, Ewens, Madison

Women 25 Fly  7‑8, 1st, 35.70S, Asbury, Katelynn, 2nd, 39.52S, Miller, Anna, 3rd, 1:02.40S, Romine, Megan

Men 25 Fly  9‑10, 1st, 31.28S, Stemme, Brock

Women 25 Fly  9‑10, 3rd, 33.19S, Gordon, Ryenn

Men 50 Fly  11‑12, 1st, 54.00S, Ewens, William, 2nd, 54.84S, Dycus, Riley, 3rd,  1:16.70S, Baker, Coulten

Women 50 Fly  13‑14. 1st, 48.32S, McCoy, Sarah, 2nd, 48.40S, Ewens, Madison

Men 50 Fly  15‑18, 1st, 1:09.97S, Bahr, Kyler

Women 50 Fly  15‑18, 1st, 39.93S, Melegrito, Joella

Men 100 Free, 1st, 1:18.33S, Werkmeister, Bradley, 2nd, 1:46.26S, Miller, Ryan