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Centralia internet access set to expand

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2018 at 6:28 am

Socket says it is bringing a faster breed of internet to Centralia.

Socket says it is bringing a faster breed of internet to Centralia.

The Socket internet company has announced that it is expanding its fiber-optic broadband network to Centralia, which it says will bring “ultra-fast internet and reliable telephone service to nearly 200 area businesses.”

With claimed speeds up to one gigabit per second or even faster, fiber-optic technology is the fastest, most reliable connection available, said a Socket representative. “Its large bandwidth capacity is considered future-proof and will accommodate increased internet usage for decades to come.”

“We’re very excited to expand our fiber network to Centralia,” said George Pfenenger, Socket CEO and co-owner. “We heard from many business owners in the area who wanted another choice in providers, and we believe our local service and support are a great fit.”

Construction on the expansion project began earlier this month. Socket chose to expand to Centralia due to a need for more high-speed internet options in the area, as well as the receptiveness of city officials to the project.

“Socket approached the City of Centralia about bringing faster internet speeds and technology upgrades to the area,” said Matt Harline, Centralia city administrator. “I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to local government to have such a good working relationship with a technology company that helps Centralia compete in the global marketplace.”


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