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Centralia Library closes in on new floors

Posted on Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7:33 am

The board of the Centralia Public Library is keeping busy. During their August 8 board meeting they upgraded their unaccompanied child policy and took major steps toward determining the library’s new interior décor.

Amy Hopkins, library director, examines carpet samples.

The board agreed with Library Director Amy Hopkins that the unattended child policy needed clarifying.

From now on, any child visiting the library age 8-years old or younger, must be accompanied by their parent, guardian or responsible caregiver, Hopkins said.

They went through a few groceries bags-worth of vinyl tile and carpeting sample-binders and arrived at the winning color and pattern combination.

Hopkins said the contractor for the upcoming flooring replacement project, in which the new carpet and tiling will be used, will obtain the materials.

“5 Oaks Associates is purchasing the materials from their supplier, Dugan’s Paint & Flooring out of Sedalia,” she said. “I have not seen a material breakdown of costs for the flooring itself. Their bid for materials and labor was $54,400 for the entire project.”

She said the board decided to go with carpet squares instead of rolled carpet because of easier repair or replacement in case of spills. She also described the carpet selected as ”a neutral color with green and blue highlights.”

She said the library would remain open during the majority of the project, except, perhaps, when they replaced the flooring in the office area.

“If the wrong thing gets spilled, we can just pull up a square or two and replace it,” Hopkins said. “We chose a taupe color for the tiling. It will complement the paint and blinds in the children’s section.” She said the tile would also be used to provide a weather-proof path from the front doors to the circulation desk and the children’s room will be tiled, not carpeted.

Circulation is up, Hopkins said, the July 2019 circulation showed 7,110 items moved, last year at this time the circulation total was 6,020.

She attributed it to the summer reading program.

“Summer reading was considerably bigger than last year,” Hopkins said. “That participation definitely had a positive effect on circulation.”

Another bright spot for Hopkins and the board was the number of new patrons. The library issued 54 new library cards in July, compared to 18 in July 2018.

In other business, reported to the board that she had hired Erin Eastin as a part-time member of the circulation staff.

They also discussed the library’s part in the upcoming back to school carnival at Centralia Intermediate School, Saturday, August 24. Among the attractions, the library staff will host a “book-title imoge contest,” where participants will try to guess book titles that have been translated to emojis.