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Centralia Panthers beat Macon Tigers 4-1

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 8:27 pm

Panthers undefeated in CCC play

Caden Vanskike steals home.

Caden Vanskike steals home.

The Centralia Panthers hosted the Macon Tigers for some Clarence Cannon Conference baseball Tuesday night at the Centralia Park’s North Field.

At the end of seven innings the Panthers won, 4-1, giving them a 4-1 record overall  and 3-0 in conference.

Both coaches agreed it was more or less a pitcher’s duel, Centralia’s Evan Stidham versus a trio of Macon pitchers; Eric Moore, Jakeb Swallow and Nash Waller.

“He threw exceptionally well.” said one Macon coach of Stidham. “He went the distance, pounded the strike zone really well, as hitters we just couldn’t figure him out.”

Michael Rodgers, Centralia head coach was pleased with Stidham’s performance. “He is a tough guy. He’s got a fast ball, curve ball, slider and changeup,” Rodgers said. “The think about him is that he can throw all those different pitches from two different arm angles. He practices it, it’s really effective.”

The first four innings of the game were slow and tense. Centralia scored in the bottom of the first, when Macon walked Gus Stidham with the base loaded, pushing in Lane Mathews for the score.

Despited both teams either loading the bases or getting two on, nobody scored again till the bottom of the fifth.

That is when Centralia unzipped the game.

Jared Holiman stole his way to a run, stealing second, third, then home. Then Mathews scored on a balk.

Gus Stidham topped it off with a right-center single that drove in Caden Vanskike, who scored the hard way, sliding head-first beneath the tag under a chest-high cloud of umber

Charlie Million beats the throw to first.

Charlie Million beats the throw to first.

dust. All of our base-running, everybody did a great job. Caden Vanskike was really impressive stealing home,” Rodgers said.

Macon scored on an error in the top of the seventh, but it wasn’t enough.

Macon is now 4-3.

Centralia plays Mexico, 5 p.m. Thursday in Mexico.

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