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Centralia Panthers dominate CCC track and field championships

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 3:23 pm

Once again, the Centralia High School Track and Field teams have won the Clarence Cannon Conference championship. Centralia hosted this year’s championship, Monday, April 29 and they  will also host their district championship, Saturday, May 11.

The Lady Panthers won with 188.5 points over Clark County’s 133 and Monroe City’s 107.  It was their fourth consecutive CCC championship.

The boys won their third consecutive CCC championship with 159 points, beating Monroe City’s 136 and Palmyra’s 114. Peyton Davis won his third CCC athlete of the year award.

Boys individual results of the Clarence Cannon Conference track meet, top 3 Individuals earn All-conference honors, top six medal, top eight earn points toward a conference plaque:

The returning and still CCC track and field champions, the Centralia Panthers.

The returning and still CCC track and field champions, the Centralia Panthers.

Running Events: 110 Hurdles: Liam Hill 3rd and Khader Saleh 4th

100 M Dash: Kody Walter 3rd and Jake Freidel 7th

1600 M Run: Nate Riddle 4th and Duke Newsted 6th

300 Hurdles: Peyton Davis 2nd and Liam Hill 3rd

800 M Run: Stephen Bradshaw 6th and Nate Riddle 7th

200 M Dash: Kody Walters 6th and Luke Hunter 7th

3200 M Run:Duke Newsted 3rd and Guy Moran 5th

Field Events: High Jump: Peyton Davis 1st and Liam Hill 2nd

Peyton Davis soaring his way to his last CCC championship in the high jump.

Peyton Davis soaring his way to winning his last CCC championship in the high jump.

Pole Vault: Jake Freidel 1st and Beau Gordon 3rd

Long Jump: Peyton Davis 1stand Jake Freidel 7th

Triple Jump: Grant Erisman 5th and Nathan Greene 8th

Shot Put: Tyler Reinerd 4th

Discus: AJ Tuggle 6th

Javelin: Peyton Davis 1st and Christian Barrettgarhardt 3rd

Boys relay results: Top two relays earn All-Conference honors

(Top 6 Medal, top 8 earn points toward a Conference plaque)

4 x 800 (Bradshaw-Riddle-Newsted–AJ Hombs) 3rd place

4 x 400 (Hill-Bradshaw-Seth Beard-Hombs) 4th place

4 x 200 (Walters-Beard-Bradshaw-Luke Hunter) 3rd place

4 x 100 (Walters-Beard-Max Hunter-Luke Hunter) 3rd place

Head track and field coach Jim Newsted called it a “very competitive meet tonight with a lot of returning state medalists. Had some crazy times in the sprints, sprint relays, long and triple jump, and javelin. Three meet records were broke in the boys competition, Monroe City 4 x100, 4 x 200; Brock Wood of South Shelby in the 300 hurdles. I am very proud of my boys, we just went out and competed. We met every goal we set and won a conference championship for the third straight year. Our depth and numbers play a big role.  Eighth place is just as important to our team as 1st. place. Every point counts and the boys know this and they buy into it. We beat Monroe City by 23 points and we earned 27 points in 5th–8th places. Depth and pride in earning points no matter how small matters when winning Conference Championships. Its a team concept here In Centralia. Congrats to all my Boys and to my coaching staff.”

On the girls’ side:

Carter Simmkins hurdling her way to her last CCC championship 300 hurdles.

Carter Simmkins hurdling her way to winning her last CCC championship 300 hurdles.

Running Events: 110 Hurdles: Carter Simkins 1st and MaryKate Bennett 2nd

100 M Dash: Carter Hawkins 2nd and Taylor Carrico 8th
1600 M Run: Schyler Angell 5th
400 M Run: Schylar Hatton 2nd and Gracie Schultz 5th
300 Hurdles: Carter Simkins 1st  and Claire Bennett 3rd
800 M Run: Schyler Angell 5th and Mara Davis 6th
200 M Dash:Carter Hawkins 2nd
3200 M Run: Kylee Walters 7th
Field Events: High Jump: Anna Romine 3rd and Schylar Hatton 4th
Pole Vault: Carter Hawkins 1st
Long Jump: Anna Romine 4th
Triple Jump: Anna Romine 6th and Elly Crum 7th
Shot Put: Lacey Pavlak 1st and Baylee Beard 2nd
Discus: Lacey Pavlak 1st and Claire Hunter 2nd
Javelin: Gwendolyn Bostick 3rd and MaryKate Bennett 5th
It was Simkin’s last CCC track meet with two more conference titles in hurdles. Her career achievements at CCC Track meets includes: 9th grade 1st in 100 / 300 hurdles, 10th grade 1st in 100 / 300, 11th grade second in 100 / 300, 12th grade 1st in 100 / 300.
Girls relay results of the Clarence Cannon Conference track meet:
4 x 800 (Schultz-Angell-Davis–Chris Heimenn) 3rd place
4 x 400 (Claire Bennett–Schultz–Simkins–Hatton) 2nd place
4 x 200 (Claire Bennett–Scarlet Fox–Hatton-Simkins) 1st place
4 x 100 (Hawkins–Claire Bennett–Fox–Carrico) 1st place

“The girls dominated for a fourth season in a row,” Newsted said. “Senior girls Schylar Hatton, Claire Hunter, Gwen Bostick and Carter Simkins have never lost a conference track meet!” He said he knew the girls team would face a challenge after losing true standout  sprinter and pole vaulter Lynsie Curtis to injury.

“The girls knew going into this meet that they would have to pick up the slack with out top point getter Lynsie Curtis who has suffered stress fractures in her right leg,” Newsted said. “She was CCC Track Athlete of the year as a freshmen, tied with Schylar Hatton, and as a sophomore. Pick up the slack they did!  They ended the night with 13/18 events being All-Conference marks and 13 total girls earning All-Conference honors and like the boys the girls used depth to pick up 27 points on the bottom half of places. Could not be any prouder then watching our girls every year step up at the biggest meet of the year. With only four seniors these girls have a lot of promise in the years to come.”