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Centralia Panthers flatten Bowling Green at MRMC Invitational

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 3:41 pm

Both teams beat Bowling Green at the annual MRMC Shootout at Moberly Area Community College.

The Lady Panthers won 54-17.
The Panther boys won 68-54.

Here are the Centralia coaches’ thoughts on the games. For the complete article, please see next week’s edition of the Centralia Fireside Guard.

I knew they were a good ball club, they won a lot of games,” Scott Humphrey, Panther head boys coach

Centralia's Jackson Wells scored two against Bowling Green.

Centralia’s Jackson Wells scored two against Bowling Green.

said after the win. He attributed hard work during Christmas break practices as one factor in Centralia’s win. “I really challenged the guys over Christmas break. You know sometimes break can leave a team a little flat. A place like this, strange place, a bigger arena can contribute to that, I was super, super pleased…”

Gus Stidham led the Panthers with 15 points, followed by Guy Moran with 12 and Dallas Lewis with 11.

“We were pretty balanced on scoring,” Humphrey said. “We played well with a balanced attack and when we do that, we’re pretty tough team to beat.”

He said stretching their defense was the key to handling Bowling Green’s lead scorer George Niemeyer. “We wanted to keep them on their toes. They run a lot of sets and they execute them very well. We wanted to make sure we were doing things defensively to keep them off balance.”

He said Bowling Green’s Kameron Worley and Kaleo Dade were also in Centralia’s crosshairs. “I thought we did a tremendous job on both of those kids.”

After initially holding Bowling Green to single digits, as the second quarter drew to a close Bowling Green pulled to within 15 in the second half of the second quarter. Humphrey said that was not the result of a change in tactics, so much as Bowling Green recovering from an aggressive Centralia start.

“They’re a good ball club and they’re not going to go away easy,” Humphrey said. “They’ve got some players that can make some shots and they started doing that. I thought the beginning of the game was the key to the game. We had to come out and take control of the middle of the cage. I thought we did that.”

Martin Yund and Jackson Wells, he said, did good jobs coming off the bench. “Martin’s playing really good defense, playing with a lot of energy and so is Jackson. When we get production out of those guys, we are all right.”

Another thing that went right for Centralia was passing. “When we’re unselfish and we don’t let the ball

Chris Heimann diving for a steal against Bowling Green.

Chris Heimann diving for a steal against Bowling Green.

stick to one person, good things happen,” Humphrey said. The Panther boys’ team is now 8-2.

“Yes,” said Lady Panthers Head Coach Becca Schemmer, when asked if everything was clicking for the Lady Panthers in their ??-17 win over Bowling Green.

“I expected Gabi Deters to be here. I expected Caitlin Bilhartz to be here. And neither one of them were here. They are Bowling Green’s leading scorers, one averages 16 points a game, the other, 13. So when a team shows up without their two leading scorers, obviously it is a game-changer. We had our game plan ready and had to change things up defensively.”

On the attack though, Schemmer said they just ran their normal ball-screen offense. “Once the game spread out, we were just focusing on taking care of the basketball, paying attention to details as we moved on.”

Carter Simkins led the team and the game with 16 points, followed by Mary Kate Bennett with 12 and Ashlyn Crum with seven.

“I think we had a lot of good transition offense today,” Schemmer said. “We had a lot of buckets in transition. We were able to get inside the paint. I think that is why we didn’t have as many threes today. When you can get the basket from five feet from the hope rather than 20.”

She said she knew early that it would be a struggle for Bowling Green without their two leading scorers and after the first few minutes she let the team go back to their normal defense.”

She said Crum did a good job off the bench, “showing more speed and confidence, she did really well.”

The Lady Panthers left Moberly with a 5-4 record.