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Centralia Panthers hit the turf at Moberly Jamboree

Posted on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 11:47 pm

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Against Chillicothe, Moberly and Hallsville: the Centralia football Panthers unveiled their running, passing and defensive skills during the

The Panther ground game showed promise at Moberly.

The Panther ground game showed promise at Moberly.

Moberly football jamboree hosted at Moberly’s Dr. Larry K. Noel Spartan Stadium.

When it was over Centralia scored two touchdowns to Chillicothe’s one, went one to one against Moberly and finished with two touchdowns to Hallsville’s three. While the final faceoff put smiles on the faces of Indian fans, one observer pointed out that two of Hallsville’s spectacular, pass-powered touchdowns, were against a wide mix of Centralia players hungry for varsity experience.

Jim Newsted, Centralia’s head football coach said nary a cross word afterward to or about his team.

“We’ve got a ton of weapons they’ve never seen before,” he told the Panthers in their post-jamboree huddle, referring to next Friday’s home field season opener against Monroe City. “They’ve never faced a team bringing what we’ve got.” Newsted said this season’s version of the Panthers was “smoother, faster, more precise than last season at this time.”

That evenings Panther offense, he said, was based on a series of plays that could be either passing or running plays, depending on the other team. “It enables us to work of what their defense gives us. If they give us the pass, we take it, if they give us the run, we take it.”

Panther QB John Durant breaks a tackle.

He also said he was pleased with hitting.

“Against Moberly and Chillicothe, both of whom have several kids over 200 pounds the boys made some good hits,” Newsted said.

Against Chillicothe Centralia showed off starting quarterback John Durant’s’ arm, responsible for several end-zone passes to the likes of Liam Hill and Jake Freidel.

Against a large Moberly team, Centralia unveiled its running game after encountering some timely blitzes from the Moberly offense.

Beau Gordon, Panther reserve quarterback, took over the slot for the other three 12-possession games. “Beau got in some good reps,” Newsted said. “We wanted to save John for Monroe City.”

Another thing that pleased Newsted was his new offense and how it fit. “It’s a Shotgun Wing-T typet of thing,” he said, describing how he put in a lot of phone time over the off-season talking with football coaches on the east and west coast. “I was looking for an offense that fit John and the rest of the players’ skill-sets and we found one.”

He said he was please with being able to rotate Wesley Redington and Hunter King back and forth between center and tackle, “they proved to me that could work.”

It was noticed.

Above and below, the Panther passing game also showcased some good hands.

One Chillicothe defender told the Fireside Guard, “I’ve never seen an offense like that before.”