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Centralia Parks buying Nic-n-Noah’s

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 12:13 pm

There will soon be more recreation for people to  have at Centralia’s Parks.



Wednesday, August 29, Centralia’s Board of Alderemen, signaled their approval to the Park Department’s plan to purchase the Nic-n-Noah’s recreation center on Switzler Street by floating the department a $350,000 from the city’s electric department fund.

The Park Department sees this building as an asset,” Mike Kinkead, chairman of the Centralia Park Board said after the meeting. “We hope to run it exactly like it was with wedding receptions, batting cages, dinners and events completely separate from the Rec Center. The purchase will also enable us to provide another gym, separate from the Rec Center. The square-foot cost of purchasing that building versus the cost of building one new, it is cheaper. It gave us the opportunity to purchase something already built.”

He said the $450,000 price included the building’s contents, tables, chairs, batting cages and the rest. “The batting cages, the nets, all the kitchen stuff. Everything comes with it. The full contents of the building.”