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Centralia Police Chief Bob Bias talks finance

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6:11 am

To keep Centralia safer, the Centralia police and fire department budgets need to be bigger, said Bob Bias, chief of the Centralia Police Department.

He was speaking to a 19-member audience over lunch, Thursday, October 4 at the Centralia Golf and Social Club. “By the grace of God

Centralia Police Chief Bob Bias.

Centralia Police Chief Bob Bias.

and a vote of the Centralia City Council I have been your chief of police since September 2,” he said. “The mighty dollar only goes so far when you are running a 24-7 police department. I told the aldermen I did not plan to come to you, the people, and say I need money. I was wrong.”

November 2, Bias said, the city will place a ½ of one-percent sales tax before Centralia’s voters to support the Centralia Fire Department and Centralia Police Department. “It’s about a nickel for every $10 you spend and will raise about $210,000 a year for the police and fire departments. Depending on the budgets, it would work out to about $150,000 for the police department and $50,000 for the fire department.”

The CPD’s part of that, he said, would go toward keeping Centralia’s children safe.

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