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Centralia R-VI punts turf

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 6:06 am

Centralia's Miller Field will remain real grass for a while longer.

Centralia’s Miller Field will remain real grass for a while longer.

Nearly a dozen spectators sat in on the December 10 meeting of the Centralia School Board.

The confines of the Centralia Intermediate School Library echoed with polite, friendly small talk as six of the seven board members took their places.

They  grew quiet as the board dove into a meeting, the topics of which included the annual audit, cancelling retirement incentives, kicking artificial turf off the district’s suggested priorities.

They started with the 2017-18 audit report.

The firm of Graves and Associated rendered an unmodified opinion, said Lynn Graves, the auditor, which meant there were no problems with the audit.

Graves said, the district took in $14.6 million in revenue, a three-percent increase over last year and a two percent increase over the previous year. “So, in the past two  years you’ve had a five percent increase in revenue,” he said.

R-VI, Graves said, had $14.4  million in expenditures.

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