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Centralia trucker has parking concerns

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 4:55 pm

Scott Millington has been driving a truck for decades. Approximately 23 years, he estimates.

Scott Millington and his semi.

Scott Millington and his semi.

It has taken him up and down the Midwest.

One of the things he likes about Centralia, he said, besides the people, is the parking.

Unlike many towns he has driven through, Centralia provides truckers spots to park their trailers.

“I can understand why they do it,” he said gesturing to the 448-horsepower white Freightliner semi-truck parked next to his house on Columbia Street. “I can fit my truck here, but it can be pretty hard for people in my business to park our trailers near our homes without obstructing our streets or neighbors’ driveways.”

But things have changed for him and other Centralia-based truckers, he said. “People are parking in our parking spots along Railroad Street,” he said.

The lots which border the south side of Hubbell’s Allen Street facility are marked for trailers only, but that does not keep others from using them for their vehicles.  Millington said he thinks many of the people who park in the truckers’ city-designated spots are Hubbell employees. “I don’t know if they don’t want to park in their parking lots or if those lots are just closer to where they work.”