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Centralia’s Firefighter Santa rides again

Posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 1:53 pm

At least one Centralia tradition is alive and well.

Santa's candy stuffing crew.

Santa’s candy stuffing crew.

Around 30 people gathered around the tables unfolded into a big line in the engine bay of the Centralia Fire Station December 20.

As night fell they opened boxes and placed them on the table and at 6 p.m. began placing Santa’s goodies in plastic bags. Each volunteer, in parallel lines on alongside the tables had his or her own duty.

Santa's assembly line.

Santa’s assembly line.

Oranges, peanut butter cups, candy bars, suckers, etc. Each bag passed from hand to hand, becoming heavier, fuller and sweeter.

The swish of plastic bags moving down the line, the thud of an orange hitting the table, the crunch of a hand scooping into a box of candy bars provided a subtle background music.

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Santa delivers Christmas goodies to a fan.

Santa delivers Christmas goodies to a fan.

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