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Centralia’s Maxine Lincoln: Online and in-touch

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 6:51 am

Not all memories fade.

At least for Centralia’s Maxine Lincoln, 99-years young and online since December.

Five months and change later, she is on the verge of becoming a multimedia star of sorts.

Maxine Lincoln

Maxine Lincoln

The story has its start decades ago, June 7, 1944 when she married Earl “Linc” Lincoln at a 10 p.m. ceremony in Waycross GA.

Or maybe a year earlier, when in November, Lincoln, a U.S. Navy fighter pilot walked up to the school in Brunswick GA, where she taught second grade. When she opened the door for the man in uniform, Lincoln, and asked him “Can I help you find somebody?” he replied, “I believe I’ve already found her,” starting a relationship that had its beginning when they noticed each other while Maxine was singing in a local Baptist Church choir near where Linc was stationed.

That was his second attempt to meet her, she said. The first, she said laughing, involved him buzzing the school with a fighter plane.

“He had note attached to a silk parachute, which he hoped a kid would bring in to me, inviting me to movie. He was going to drop it, but there were no children outside. Fighter pilots could do that back then, not anymore.”

Fast forward a year or so and Linc is plying his fighter pilot profession from St. Simon’s Island off Georgia’s coast.

It was a hidden time in history, Maxine said.

“He was flying patterns in a fighter plane, helping train ground-based operators in a new thing called Radar,” she said, sitting in her sparkling clean kitchen in a duplex not far from Centralia’s First Christian Church. “It was secret back then. The government did not want people to know what type of damage German U-boats were doing to our tankers.”

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