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Centralia’s Schulte unites mothers

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018 at 6:10 am

Red is often a sign for stop, but around the Centralia United Methodist Church, the sighting of a well-coifed

Michele Schulte in action

Michele Schulte in action

mop of red hair often signifies someone is on the go.

That was the case the morning of March 15 when Michele Schulte was running back and forth, children Oliver and Adelaide in tow.

The occasion was the Centralia Panther Cubs’ morning meeting to color Easter eggs.

The group meets at the church monthly.

“I started the Centralia Panther Cub group after a little extra encouragement from a friend,” Schulte said as she helped Adelide negotiate a future Easter egg through a mixture of cool whip, vinegar, and food coloring on the church’s kitchen island.

She said one of the original intents was to help new moms and dads connect or stay connected with the community.

“I am a stay-at-home mom of two kids.  The group allows me to meet new friends and families in the community.  It also allows my kids to build their own friendship and social skills.”

Community involvement, Schulte said, is something she thinks is very important.

“When we get together for these group activities it takes all of us working together to make them happen.”

Schulte said it was a team project with everybody pitching in to help set up, clean up, and assist with each other’s children.

“I feel like I am creating my own personal community that will always be there if I ever need support or encouragement.  I hope this group will do the same for others.  Currently, I am most active in my church.  We attend Centralia United Methodist Church. Within the church, I volunteer my time to help acquire donations for our yearly fundraiser auction.  I also coordinate the church’s yearly holiday bazaar and two kids’ consignment sales a year.  I have been taking Zumba classes at Fit Central in Columbia a few times a week.

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