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Hallsville council swears in new aldermen

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 5:26 am

The May 11 meeting of Hallsville’s Board of Aldermen saw a pair of new faces sworn in as aldermen.

Richard Hicks, Hallsville’s newest Ward II alderman.

Carli Carmack is the city’s new Ward I alderman, with the certified election results showing her beating former mayor Mickey Nichols 39 votes to 24.

Fomer Halsville municipal judge Richard Hicks won the write-in contest for the Ward II seat with four votes, beating Justin Nichols who had three and James Reddick and Mary Newby Lakoras who had two each.

The new board of aldermen tabled the first order of business.

They were scheduled to hear a representative of Casey’s discuss a possible pre-payment ordinance. The representative did not attend and Alderman Trynton Roberts asked if the proposed ordinance would require pre-payment or give the business the option. According to the meeting’s draft minutes, Hallsville Mayor Logan Carter said the business should have the option to opt out. “If the business opts out then there would be no police services or investigations, they would be taking that risk by opting out of the ordinance.” According to the draft minutes, lacking comment from the Casey’s representative the aldermen tabled the discussion.

Carli Carmack Hallsville’s Ward I alderman

Next up was mayoral appointments. Three were made:

  • Larry Moore was reappointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a four-year term and to the Board of Adjustment for a five-year term.
  • Steven Durk was reappointed to the Park for a two-year term
  • Darren Maher was reappointed as mayor pro-tem.

Staff reports were next on the aldermen’s plate.

Bryan Schultz, chief of the Hallsville Police Department presented the department’s monthly activity report for April. He said “there were 84 total calls and activities for the month of April. There were 25 total summons issued for the month and 1 accident.”  He also said he had been discussing the city joining the East Central Drug Task Force and the expense to join had been added to the department’s budget list. Joining the task force would cost the city $5,000 a year, said Kenyetta Ridgway-Sample, Hallsville city administrator. Schultz also said department had received four handheld radios without cost through a military surplus program that make it easier to communicate with central dispatch.

Schultz also proposed the city make sections of three streets school zones between 7-8 a.m. and 3-4 p.m.

The proposed streets are Wesley Avenue, Bertie and North Streets. All speeding fines would be doubled during school zone hours. Schultz said that might slow traffic along them and ideally the ordinance and no parking on both sides of streets less than 20-feet wide. After some discussion, they suggested school zone hours were changed to 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The aldermen will consider a draft ordinance at their next meeting.

He said he had also contacted MoDOT regarding slowing traffic on Hwy. 124 during school hours. Schultz said MoDOT suggested installing a flashing light. He said if the light were purchased by the school district MoDOT would assume the maintenance.

In another road-related issue the aldermen voted unanimously to request bids for the repair or replacement of a section of Mason Court.

In other business, the aldermen unanimously approved a suggestion from Dan McCaleb, public works superintendent to upgrade the lights in the public works building with LED lights, taking advantage of an Ameren grant which will reimburse the city for some of the cost. He said, “The cost is $4,042.87 and the reimbursement would be $3,642.90 plus some for installation.”

Responding to a question from Carter, Ridgway-Sample said the city had $5,909 in its capital improvements fund they can move from note principal to building repair & maintenance.

In her administrative report, Ridgway-Sample shared these factoids:

  • The March sales tax collected was $7,938.25.
  • Capital Improvement sales tax collected was $3,969.21
  • Park/Stormwater sales tax collected was $992.13.
  • April sales tax information had not come in yet.
  • In April 33 customers were charged the $35 nonpayment fee.
  • Nineteen customers were shut off.
  • Four letters went out to customers who had not paid by April 20 for the first time.
  • Court receipts for the month of March, from Boone County, were $1,501.50 and for the month of April were $1,493

In other business Carter discussed a grant he was writing for replacing what he described as unsafe playground equipment at Hallsville’s Tribble Park. After reviewing a video Carter had made as part of the grant application the aldermen voted to have the equipment in question removed for safety reasons.