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Hallsville R-IV Board considering bond

Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 10:56 am

Hallsville’s board of education has a few things on its collective mind: a no-tax increase bond issue, Parents as Teachers funding and crossing guards to name three.

Hallsville Mayor Mickey Nichols was at the board’s October 16 meeting.

He was there to share concerns regarding the district’s crossing guard situation.

Nichols explained to the Fireside Guard the program is a three-way venture.

“The City of Hallsville, the school district and MODoT all have a part in this,” Nichols said of the four crossing guard positions. He said he was concerned about the availability of crossing guards and substitutes.

“When a crossing guard does not show up, we have to find a substitute and the challenge is keeping that roster full.”

He said when a substitute crossing guard is not available a city police officer or public works employee has to fill in.

Nichols said the school district pays for three of the positions and the city pays for the fourth.

“The district pays us the money and we take care of it,” Nichols said regarding the organization and deployment of the crossing guards. Each crossing guard receives $15 per instance, so they could make as much as $30 per school day.

He said MODoT’s involvement was limited but the agency is included because the crossings are all on state highways.

The three crossings are:

• Elizabeth St. and Route B.

• Hudson St. and Route B.

• In front of the Hallsville Post Office at Bertie and Rt. 124. That crossing uses two crossing guards because of the location.

Regarding the no-tax increase bond issue, Marci Minor, district spokesperson said it is all still in the planning stage. At this point the district is working with an architectural engineering firm on tentative plans. She said no contracts have been signed, once preliminary plans are complete, the board will examine options.

Possibilities include:

• Replacing the sixth-grade wing at middle school

• Adding a second-grade wing to Hallsville primary as well as possibly a gymnasium there.

• Parking lot repairs.

“We are planning on soliciting input priorities for the possible no-tax rate increase bond,” said Marci Minor. She said discussion would at the board’s November 13 board meeting.

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