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Centralia Panthers finish with a win

Posted on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 10:02 pm

Close the regular season 12-0 over Palmyra

The game was closer than the scoreboard hinted.

Beau Gordon passing
The Centralia Panther football team finished the regular season with a 12-0 shutout against historic Clarence Cannon Conference rival Palmyra.

“Respect to Palmyra,” Tyler Forsee, Centralia head football coach told his team afterward.

He said it again and elaborated when speaking with the Centralia Fireside Guard.

“We knew it would be a hard-nosed game, Palmyra always plays hard and Coach Miles is crafty and tricky, he always brings out the best in his boys and you never, never know what he’s going to pull on you.”

Miles said much the same thing about Centralia, but focused on Centralia’s senior quarterback Beau Gordon.

“We knew he’d be tough and we knew everything Centralia would do would be built off him,” Miles said. “It was a tough game against a tough

Mason Barr making a touchdown catch
team, but that’s what you get when you come to Centralia.”

That included Gordon’s first career interception, just feet outside the end zone, which killed Palmyra’s final drive to score.

When he was not intercepting, Gordon was passing.

In a near reversal of things, Centralia did not score off the run.

Against Palmyra, Gordon passed for Centralia’s two touchdowns.

The first in the second quarter, a 17-yard laser to Mason Barr.

The second in the third, as the full moon lit the southern end-zone, a straight down the middle 54-yard bomb to Kyden Wilkerson.