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Centralia Parks requests demolition plans

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm

New income and demolition were among items discussed at a recent meeting of the Centralia Park Board.

Members discussed  how the Centralia Parks department would benefit from a proposed ballot issue that would allow the city of Centralia to receive the online sale tax receipts already being collected by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

During their January 18 board meeting, members of the Centralia Park Board learned that if Centralia’s voters were to adopt an online sales tax, the park department would receive at least $29,000 annually from the state.

Up, up and away! — Lyle Quinn gets airborne last Tuesday afternoon as he hones his skills in his latest hobby, snowboarding. Meanwhile his sister Mary, shown on the left, was having plenty of fun on the north bank of one of Centralia Parks ponds, enjoying the snow in a more traditional manner.

Though Centralia’s aldermen have postponed putting the online sales tax, also known as a Use Tax, on the ballot, Park Director Erle Bennet discussed what the additional $29,000 a year would mean to the Centralia Parks Department. “We have experienced massive increases in what it costs to do things,” Bennett said. “The prices of all our supplies have gone up, the additional funding from a Use Tax would better help us cover those costs… While there are many important projects to be done, that additional revenue would enable us to maintain the quality of the regular things we have to do to maintain the quality of Centralia’s parks, the mowing, the painting, the maintenance. Cost inputs for those day-to-day things have become unpredictable, except that they go up.”

The potential increase would also help in another area, he said, pay.

“While we are not obliged to follow the minimum wage increase, it is a factor in what we pay,” Bennett said. “When it goes up, it effects us because we need to stay competitive in order to have the best people we can afford running our mowers and taking care of our pool, parks and golf course.”

Members also reviewed requests for proposals regarding the demolition and replacement of the Centralia Golf Community Golf Course clubhouse.

The RFP specifies the replacement building, among other things, will be a 30’ by 64’ building with 10 foot ceilings and include a 16’ by 30’ covered shelter as well as a 48’ by 30’ area encompassing a lobby, pro-shop, restrooms and storage room.