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Story Time: Living with consequences

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 5:06 pm

By Lorry Myers

This year, Santa Claus suffered a serious lapse of judgement and now, I am living with the consequences. With three little roommates in my house, Christmas, as you can imagine, was a major event. The kids made a list and I did, too, but somewhere in December I lost my mind and let Santa take over. Decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, and hanging stockings only fueled the hope of making Christmas morning memorable.

Oh, I am remembering all right.

It has been many years since I bought toys for my own children and when I buy for my grandchildren, they take the toy with them when they go. Now, I am living with the toys opened on Christmas morning and wondering.

What was Santa thinking?

Like Stacking Cups; you know, cute colorful plastic cups that nestle one inside the other. I know stacking cups are helpful when learning colors and encourages eye and hand coordination, but seriously, who is stacking the cups? Obviously, someone is unstacking these things because I am finding them in the kitchen sink, the bathtub and under the couch.

The only one stacking cups is me.

Then, there are Legos. I’m sorry Legos, you look all cute and put together when you are stuck together but then, you come apart. Even if every piece, every time, went back into the box or bag that I eagerly provide, always there will be an escapee on the run that manages to run right into my path.


We also have a baby doll with batteries and a police car with flashing lights. One night, the doll wasn’t turned off and I could hear a baby crying in the dark and it wasn’t the one sleeping soundly in her crib. The police car that was stuck underneath the couch announced in the dead of night that “you are surrounded and need to come out with your hands up”.

I almost fell for it.

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