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Lady Panthers lose to Tolton 5-0

Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 11:26 pm

It was almost a game of Centralia’s outfield versus Tolton’s pitching.

Despite being shut-out 5-0, Tolton had to work to get hits through the gloves of Centralia’s out fielding trio of Kalin Finlay – left field, Lynsie Curtis – center and Carter Hawkins right.

Centralia's outfield in action.

Centralia outfield action.

Paige Bedsworth, Tolton’s junior right hander, kept Centralia off the scoreboard by throwing 13 strikeouts with her rise ball, which coach Taylor Bartlett said often hit the low 60s, and giving up no hits.

Ella Holiman makes Tolton's outfield earn its keep.

Ella Holiman makes Tolton’s outfield earn its keep.

Olivia Hombs struck out four for Centralia while giving up eight hits.

Despite winning 5-0, Bartlett said it was not an easy game and complimented Centralia’s defense. “Your left field, Kalin Finlay, she’s a great player. She made one diving catch and almost had another one.”

Mallory Smith wakes up Tolton's infield.

Mallory Smith wakes up Tolton’s infield.

He said the came to Centralia expecting a contest and got one. “We were in a slump tonight. Contrail’s a great ball club and this program has a great tradition. You’re alway wary about their speed and their ability to slap the ball. They play really good softball up here…”

Scarlett Fox makes a catch at second base.

Scarlett Fox makes a catch at second base.

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