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Law enforcement, educators, discuss arming teachers

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 12:18 pm

With the nation roused by recent school shooting incidents, as well as the recent attempt to bring a firearm into Centralia High School, arming teachers is being mentioned as possible remedy to safety concerns. The Fireside Guard decided to solicit the thoughts of a few local educators and law enforcement professionals.

A pistol was confiscated this morning at Centralia High School

There is public discussion regarding arming school staff.

Their concerns are varied and considered.

Bob Bias, chief of the Hallsville Police Department said that while Boone County schools such as Hallsville and Centralia are mere blocks from police departments, others are not.

Some, he said, such as in Macon county are more than 12 miles away from the nearest department.

“Even if you drive balls the wall it takes time to get there and these schools are depending on one or two sheriff’s deputies who cover the whole county,” Bias said. “What works for us in Centralia and Hallsville, where the police department is just a few blocks away, does not work for them.

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