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Pastor’s Desk: The triumphant entry

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 1:47 pm

By David Hartgrove, Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God Church

Just a few days before the Christ entered into His passion, He fulfilled old testament prophecy as He entered Jerusalem riding upon a donkey. The disciples and those who had

Pastor David Hartgrove

Pastor David Hartgrove

been at the rising of Lazarus as well as those who had heard of it laid down palm branches and clothing upon the road in praise to the Messiah. Their intention was to make Him king and their hope was to have the yoke of the Roman empire thrown off of them.

Zechariah the prophet had prophesied of this moment in time describing Jesus as a King coming forth In humility riding upon a donkey to serve God’s people in the spirit of King David from whom the Messiah would descend. All four gospels record this “Triumphant Entry”. Why is this event given so much importance in scripture?

One reason the “Triumphant Entry” is so important is because this event was a demarcation line of the culmination of all the previous ministry of Christ Jesus up until this moment. The ministries of healing,miracles,deliverance,preaching and teaching of Messiah validated the announcement of His entry of triumph over all the kingdom of darkness and the kingdoms of man to establish the kingdom of God upon the earth.

Another reason for the importance of this event is that it was a foreshadow of the return of Christ to the earth upon a white horse. This event is recorded toward the end of the book of Revelation as Christ returns with the armies of heavens including His saints. This will signal the demise of Satans’ dominion upon the earth.

As Christ entered into Jerusalem upon a donkey He wept for Jerusalem because forsaw the destruction of the city because of their rejection of Him as their Messiah. The nation that once rejected Him will receive Him one day as King,Savior and lord.

Right after the triumphant entry is recorded in scripture,prophesies of Christ second return are recorded in at least three out of the four gospels. This was carefully planned inspiration of the Holy Spirit to bring hope in the midst of what would happen next. The trial, torture,and crucifixion of the one who the people had proclaimed King and Messiah just days and hours before. The cross seemingly ended the life and ministry of the hope of Israel.

The Old Testament scriptures and Jesus Himself had prophesied of His cruel death. But Jesus had also prophesied of His resurrection. Indeed He did rise from the dead,never to die again as Lazarus had to do so some time after his raising from death to life.

The “Triumphant Entry” was stunning, yet paled in comparison to the triumph of Christ Jesus over death, hell and the grave in His resurrection from the dead after three days! The

“Triumphant Entry” served as a declaration of faith, hope and power before the greatest declaration of faith, hope and power in the history of man. Jesus is alive!