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Pastors Desk: ‘Yield your mind to God’

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 11:49 am

Pastor Marcus Blair, Cornerstone Baptist Church

The Bible teaches that a person who is going to live for Jesus has to think and act in new ways. We need a radical

Pastor Marcus Blair of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Pastor Marcus Blair of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

transformation to occur in our thoughts. The secret is to yield your mind to God and let the Holy Spirit do a renewing work. Trust me when I say: this will change your entire life once you get ahold of it! Faith instead of fear. Joy instead of depression. Trust instead of anxiety. Hope instead of negativity. God designed your brain, and he can change it for the better if you’ll yield it up.

Romans 12:2 is all about radical change in the mind. We are not to be conformed to the world. Conformed in the original Greek means to be fashioned like a pattern. It’s a word that comes to us from pottery. Have you ever seen any pottery being made? If you ever go to Silver Dollar City, make sure you go see the potters working. They take the clay and they press it and mold it while it spins around until it fits the pattern of what they want to make – a cup, a bowl, a vase. We are not to be clay in the hands of the world. We are not to fit the pattern of how the world operates.

Instead of being conformed – molded into the world’s image – Romans 12:2 says to be TRANSformed. The Greek word here is metamorphoo, which is where we get our word metamorphosis. It means radical change. Something that has gone through metamorphosis and has been transformed is in a new world than it used to be.

The best example of this, and one that these folks in the Bible would’ve known well, is the caterpillar changing into a butterfly or moth. But since I’m from the sticks, let’s talk about tadpoles and bullfrogs. Same thing right? It undergoes metamorphosis from a little black thing swimming in the pond to a big, croaking, green frog. That’s a radical change, a total transformation! The tadpole dies if you take him out of water. He’s only suited for one world: the aquatic one. But through a process of metamorphosis that God himself designed and initiated, that little tadpole grows lungs and feet, and he turns into something that is suited for two worlds: water and land. He’s like the caterpillar, that used to crawl on the ground or hang onto a tree, but could never fly. Now he’s a butterfly or moth, and he can still crawl on the ground or hang on a tree, but he’s added a new world to operate in: the world of the skies.

Before your mind is renewed, you are only equipped and ready for one world: the physical world you see around you. It’s all you know. But God wants to TRANSFORM you through the power of the Spirit and make you suited for two worlds. Two worlds? Yes, I’m saying you used to only be suited for the physical, only suited for sin, but those in Jesus put on a brand new nature. You still operate in the physical world you see around you, but you gain a new world to operate in: the spiritual! Suddenly life has a dual meaning, one that is exciting and full of adventure. You have a spiritual life, not just a physical one. You start to see people how Christ sees them: with eyes of compassion. You start to see your life not just as random circumstance or dumb luck, but as a plan laid out by God. This will change your perspective on everything, and that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. He renews your inner being in your mind.

Romans 12:2 says this transformation comes to us in only one way: the renewing of your mind. And you are like the caterpillar: all you have to do, if you want this radical change, if you want to experience the supernatural and spiritual, is to yield your brain up to God and be open to change. Ask him to start a work in your that will renew your mind and transform you into a person of both worlds. This is how you beat anxiety and fear. This is how you beat doubt and hopelessness. God will renew your mind and let you see your whole life through new eyes, because you’ll be more suited for heaven than for this world.

This is what I’ve been preaching lately at Cornerstone: God’s people need a revolution in their thinking. We need to truly be transformed. Since it’s the work of God, all we have to do is be open and ready to receive it. As Romans 12:2 shows us, God is already willing and able to truly change a person’s mind.