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R-V School Board lowers tax levy

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2019 at 8:18 am

Taxes, new students and health care were among the topics discussed by members of the Sturgeon R-Vu School Board during their August 19 meeting.

Sturgeon R-V has set its tax levy for the 2019-2020 school year

The five-member school board, down one due to ex-president Tim Parkinson’s resignation, voted in a $5.0364 per $1,000 assessed valuation tax levy for the year.

R-V Superintendent Geoff Neill said that breaks down to $3.7664 for the district’s operating fund and $1.27 for the district’s debt service fund. He said the levy was a decrease from the previous year’s.

In other votes the approved a renegotiated contract with Kelly Services for substitute teachers, which Neill said was three percent lower than last year’s.

They also approved a contract with Bayada a healthcare provider for students with home healthcare needs. Neill said the contract was based on the number of hours those students attend school, with the district paying $38 per hour for services from either an RN or an LPN.

From there the five board members present, minus Heather Dougherty who was absent, reviewed the administrators’ reports.

Jennifer Campbell, Sturgeon High School principal, said SHS started the school year with 123 students enrolled, including one exchange student, Hyeonbin, “Kevin” Moon, a freshman from the Republic of Korea, also knows as South Korea.

K-8 Principal Amanda White said 310 students are in enrolled in R-V’s kindergarten through eighth-grade classes. She also announced this year’s K-8 theme, “every kid needs a champion.”

Neill said the district’s total enrollment of 433 is up three students over last year but still part of a downward trend over the last four.

Transportation Director Jeff Carr said the district will soon have MAP test results. He also said the district had enough bus drivers to cover all five of the district’s routes. Additionally, he released R-V’s summer school average daily attendance statistic, 26.5 students per day, down from last summer’s ADA of 32.

Neill said it was possible the district’s having to move its summer school session to a later summer date may have discouraged attendance.

They also heard from Special Education Director Penny Fadler, who said the district has started the school year with 59 special needs students

The meeting also included a summer maintenance report. Highlights of maintenance director Kenneth Mohr’s report included:

  • K-8 playground is up to code with A.D.A.
  • The high school Ag room and woodworking area now has eye wash stations
  • Septic systems cleaned out

The special education room electrical outlets have been updated