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R-VI’s Ford responds to admin concerns

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 3:49 pm

Citing Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines, Centralia R-VI Superintendent Darin Ford has addressed concerns the school district is “administration heavy.”

Pointing to examples such as curriculum director, finance (business manager) and full-time transportation or special education directors (Centralia employs these at only part-time), Ford said over the last decade the district has actually trimmed its administrative overhead.

“The facts suggest Centralia administrates the district efficiently,” Ford said in response to suggestions that

R-VI Superintendent Darin Ford listening at a school board meeting.

R-VI Superintendent Darin Ford listening at a school board meeting.

the Centralia R-VI School District has more administrators than other districts in the area.   “A school district is a very diverse and complicated organization and therefore there are many areas to manage.  Schools handle the many challenges differently because every school is unique. But if you look at the number of administrators we employ compared to other schools our size, the facts would suggest we are very efficient.”

Another example he gave involved the assistant superintendent’s position. “It is typical for a school our size to have an assistant superintendent.  We do not.  Our last was Bruce Siegler in 2002. Our last business manager was Nancy Heimann in 2009.”

Prior to Heimann’s exit, Ford said the district central office had Heimann as a half-time business manager; Deanna Richman as a full-time curriculum and instruction director and Jennifer McKenzie as a full-time special education director.

“Those three positions have been whittled down, for example Deanna Richman to 1/2 time special education,” he said.  “We do the rest with the help of Vanessa Ridgel and the districts department heads.”

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