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Story Time: High and dry

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 1:49 pm

By Lorry Myers

It was a long time coming. Over the years we have updated many aspects of our house; the flooring, the roof and the heating and cooling, but the bathrooms have remained the same. We can’t enlarge the

Lorry Myers

space or make it miraculously into a spa retreat, but it does deserve a few upgrades. It took some pouting but finally my husband agreed with one condition.

He had the final say.

That didn’t deter me; over the years I have developed ways of getting my way while Randy thinks he is getting his. For the bathroom project, I did my research and knew what I wanted and what I could afford, then I reached out to a trusted friend in the bathroom business to steer us through the process.

That was a good decision.

There are several serious discussions you need to have when upgrading your bathroom. Countertop choices and faucets finds and to backsplash or not to backsplash all of these have to be decided. I would narrow down the choices to the ones I could live with, then let Randy pick. Everything moved along until we came down to the most used but least talked about feature in the bathroom.

The toilet.

It is awkward to discuss the benefits of a toilet with someone you don’t know but trying them out in public is something I hope I never have to do again. “Sit down and see how it fits,” said the salesman, like perching on toilet stools in a showroom floor is a normal everyday event.

“Go ahead, take a seat.”

The old toilet I have in my bathroom is thirty years old and I am certain, was sized for a toddler. “Modern” toilets have increased in height and can be ordered with different shaped bowls and water saving mechanics and powerful flushes that are right out of the space age.

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