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Story Time: The other woman

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 11:30 am

By Lorry Myers

I was nervous, wanting badly to impress my boyfriend’s parents. I didn’t talk much during that first dinner, just answered when asked and laughed along with everyone else. The table was full and the conversation was lively because the whole family was there that night to officially meet the girlfriend.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

That would be me.

Around the table were teasers and tale tellers so the meal was loud and long. My future mother-in-law hovered over the crowd, monitoring the food and the conversation. At just the right moment Lucille brought out a big pan of brownies for dessert. They were both crisp and gooey and didn’t have nuts, just the way I like them.

“These brownies supposed to look like this?” Randy’s dad asked from his seat at the head of the table.

Throughout the meal Charlie had made comments about Lucille’s cooking; teasing comments that told me this was a normal exchange. But tonight, with a guest in her house, it didn’t sit well with Lucille. She was trying to impress me as hard as I was trying to impress her.

“You just hush!” She scolded her husband, and just like that, Lucille picked up a brownie and threw it across the room, hitting Charlie square in the forehead.

“Lucille, not tonight, we have company,” he said, pealing brownie off his forehead like he had done it before.

“Well, she might as well see right up front what we’re all about,” declared Lucille, and she was right. It was a definitive introduction into the clan, and offered me an honest view of what I could expect.

I could expect stubbornness from this family…hardheadedness and pride and opinions, whether I asked for them or not. There would be laughter and lessons and loyalty to all that are worthy of if. Lucille was fierce about her family and she would make room for me at her table because her son asked her to.

I had to earn the rest.

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