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Story Time: The other woman

Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 2:13 pm

By Lorry Myers

We left home early that morning with the spoken promise of breakfast when we were done. My husband hurried to get us there and now my mother’s doctor’s appointment was delayed because the doctor was called away. After settling Mom with coffee and a magazine, my husband and I drifted into the hospital where the gift shop reminded me what I very nearly forgot.

It was Valentine’s Day.

Early that morning Randy leaned a mushy Valentine card against my hairspray can to match the one I’d propped by his coffee pot the night before. He showed me chocolate strawberries that he’d hidden in the refrigerator and I offered him new music that I’d giftwrapped and tied with a bow. After that, we hastily left for the doctor’s appointment so the strawberries went uneaten and the music went un-played.

This was not the day for that.

The hospital gift shop was busy that morning as volunteers filled red balloons and refilled the fresh flower case. Looking around the store at the heart shaped candy boxes and the furry stuffed animals holding hearts, I could tell.

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