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Story Time: The struggle is real

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 4:28 pm

By Lorry Myers

I am struggling with television. While others talk about the shows they watch, I don’t have much

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

to add to the conversation. I have a hard time finding programs that make me plot or plan or drop everything to watch. I know I can record shows so I don’t miss them, or do some kind of tv wizardly that recalls missed episodes back from the dead, but I’m not attached enough to any show to do that.

Sometimes, I can’t even find the remote.

I try to be a free-spirited TV watcher and roam through the guide to see what I have to choose from. I am convinced I will discover new channels and get hooked on new shows and have something new to talk about. Instead, I click away, hoping something will catch my eye and my interest. Then, when I do find a movie or a show that looks promising, a box pops up that says I need to upgrade my service to watch it.

Seriously, don’t I pay enough?

My children tell me I need to watch The Office for laughs and Game of Thrones for thrills. They go on and on about Big Brother and The Bachelor and other reality shows that I don’t have the patience for. Maybe I should ROKU or HULU, or watch HIST, TRVD, or DIYD?

Somebody save me ASAP.

With a smart TV, I have other options that will take me places but still, I find myself unengaged. Analytical crime shows and serial killer marathons and sharks that come out of the ocean to swallow me whole are too real for me. I stay away from shows that will scare me awake and shows that will put me to sleep. Love stories always seem to end the same, zombies are old news, and the house and garden channel makes me want to do stuff to my house and garden.

My husband says, I can’t watch that channel anymore.

Instead, Randy wants me to watch the stock market channel, the business channel and the 24 hours news channel that makes me want to stick a fork in my eye. I cook but avoid cooking shows that remind me I can’t cook. I like to shop but not from my TV and those soap opera dramas that have the same characters they did twenty years ago…been there and done that.

Not going there again.

Sometimes, I find myself drifting back to Lucy and Andy Griffith reruns, back in the days when you only had three channels to choose from. I miss Ed Sullivan and Carol Burnett and Walter Cronkite and the days when TV was entertainment; when comedy was funny and not hurtful, when family shows made you feel good and the news didn’t manipulate the news.

I miss those days.

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