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Sturgeon aldermen talk Real Estate, weed

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2019 at 6:50 am

An audience of nine sat through the June 24 meeting of the Sturgeon Board and got to meet their new city attorney, Jackie Rodgers and listen to he and their aldermen discuss medicinal marijuana coming to Sturgeon, Real Estate issues and  one alderman trying to tell a resident what to do

Mayor Steve Crosswhite first opened the meeting by discussing things he and City Clerk Donna Tracy learned at a recent Missouri Municipal League meeting. The first point me mentioned was “trust your city attorney,” with which he introduced Rodgers.

Sturgeon resident Nathan Clark

Other points mentioned.

  • The mayor cannot do anything without the consent of a majority of aldermen,
  • Sturgeon is a fourth-class city and can abandon the ward system and elect aldermen at large

From there they discussed the 2020 Census and said they should be hearing from the Census

Sturgeon alderman Ron Sage.

He listed the names of the Sturgeon Census Committee and explained how they would encourage people to participate in the US Census. Members include Geoff Neil, Tracy, Ashley Long, Melody Robinson Smith, Kelly Martin, Jeff Truesdell “and perhaps Brian Adkisson.”

They moved on to plat changes to the proposed Sturgeon Meadows subdivision. Rodgers addressed a concern of PWSD #10, which he said wanted to change the fee they intended to charge for water service to the proposed subdivision. “All of the plots are subject to a new fee and recognition” is how he described the district’s position, to which Rodgers said he disagreed. He said the first five plats at a minimum were locked in to a previous agreement with the district. Those five, he said, were pre-paid.

Rodgers said he was waiting to hear from the district’s attorney.

“If we take over the water rights, why do they think we should owe them more,” questioned, Sturgeon P&Z Chairman Mike Jacoby. “When the consideration changes that unfortunately opens up the contract to renegotiation.”

Rodgers said, “because of the changed circumstances upon which the premises are based.” The changed premises have to do with the subdividing of lots within the subdivision outside the first five.

Sterling Kelly, the developer of the subdivision, said some of the lots were zoned R-3 and could have many more water hook-ups. “It could be as  many as 40. Is the water district going to have a hemorrhage?”

Kelly and the board seemed to disagree as to what portion of the water lines would be Kelly’s or the city’s financial responsibility.

“We’re slowing down his construction and his ability to sell lots,” Jacoby said of the disagreement. Rodgers said the contract between the city and the district is still in progress and once finalized the district would not be able to raise further concerns. “The biggest problem is he don’t want to pay for it,” said Alderman Janice Butler pointing at Kelly regarding proposed changes to the water lines.

Kelly said he was prepared to pay for what was stipulated on the subdivision’s engineering plan, not a “loop,” suggested by John Gingerich, city maintenance superintendent.

Crosswhite suggested carrying on the discussion to the board’s next meeting. “We’re not comfortable at this time approving these improvements.”

They voted on T-Mac Waste Disposal to extend the contract with the city with no price increase. Aldermen Ron Sage and Butler said the city needed to discuss the style of driving and employee attitudes before the new contract was signed. The aldermen accepted the offer 4-0.

They discussed the city internal control policy regarding the amount a city employee can spend to purchase an item within the city departmental budget, without the signed approval of the mayor and two aldermen. They unanimously changed the required signatures to that of the mayor, city clerk and one alderman.

Crosswhite said the discussion regarding city employees being on call and using city vehicles for personal use needed to be held in closed session. When questioned by the Fireside Guard he said that was on advice of Rodgers.

They also accepted the resignations of Jerred and Tricia Robinson’s resignations from the fair board.

They also agreed to renew the terms of Chris Sharp, Jay Truesdell, Stan Brooks, and Mike Jacoby to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the also discussed replacing former alderman Travis Sutton on the commission with Rocky Roop, In his case on a one-year term.

To accommodate the Boone County fair and its preparation, Johnny Robinson announced the Sturgeon Recreation Center would be closed every night of July.

For the complete article see next week’s edition of the Centralia Fireside Guard.