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Sturgeon aldermen upgrade building ordinances

Posted on Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7:44 am

Sturgeon Mayor Danny Joiner, center and Cydney Mayfield, city attorney, right, joke with Sturgeon City Clerk Donna Tracy.

Sturgeon Mayor Danny Joiner, center and Cydney Mayfield, city attorney, right, joke with Sturgeon City Clerk Donna Tracy.

An audience of six attended the February 26 meeting of Sturgeon’s board of aldermen.

First up was Mike Jacoby, Planning and Zoning chairman, who said P&Z Commission had begun reviewing the sketch plat of the Perkins Subdivision on Sturgeon’s north side. The sketch plat has been approved he said.

Jacoby said the commission’s upcoming projects would include reviewing for recommendation county regulations regarding portable buildings of 160 square feet or less. As such, he said, they would not require a building permit. Permanent buildings, regardless the size, would need a building permit, he said. “And we continue to work on the comprehensive plan for the city. I assume it will be quite a few months before we are done with that.”

Boone County is going to provide street signs at a price of $3,700, for the entire city said John Gingerich – city maintenance supervisor, during his report. “It would take at least three or four years to do it on our budget. The new signs would combine traffic and street signs. Alderman Zane Arends said the project should start soon. “We’re just trying to clean things up and reduce the number of posts. It looks so much better.”

Sturgeon Police Department Officer David Kelb said he had written approximately 50 traffic citations over the past month as well as two theft by fraud cases. He discussed updating the department’s computers which he said were out of date and equipped with outdated programs. He also announced one of the city’s patrol vehicles had blown a coolant hose and needed towed to a service center. The aldermen instructed him to have it transported to Forrest Chevrolet where it was last serviced.

“To me it makes more sense to pay it off now, than to carry it out,” said Alderman Rhonda Dawson regarding paying a $5,200 parks equipment loan. “If we pay it now we save at least $300.” The three aldermen present, Zane Arends, Dawson and Heidi Ellington unanimously voted to pay the loan. Alderman Travis Scott was absent.

City clerk Donna Tracy mentioned a proposed $155 map for the city cemetery, showing the lots and plots. The map would be produced by Richman Graphics of Centralia. The aldermen unanimously agreed to purchase it.

From there Cydney Mayfield, city attorney presented amendments to Chapter 10 of the city code regarding nuisances. “That all existing ordinance or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed.” It passed unanimously.

Arends asked if city security cameras for the city office had received a bid. He was told it would cost $9,000. The aldermen agreed they should pursue other estimates.

Dennis Crowley will be the newest member of the recreation center board, announced Johnny Robinson, but they have not yet elected a board chairman. “At the end of June, we will have been open 17 years,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like that, but it is.”

Mayor Danny Joiner asked to convene a workshop 2:30 p.m., Wed. Feb 29 to discuss the city tractors.