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Sturgeon considers audit

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 6:51 am

Giving and receiving was on the plate the evening of July 23 at Sturgeon City Hall.

City attorney Cydney Mayfield hands a copy of the city accounting contract to Alderman Zane Arends.

City attorney Cydney Mayfield hands a copy of the city accounting contract to Alderman Zane Arends.

John and Jennifer Halliburton approached Sturgeon’s aldermen and asked if the youth center could be donated to them to Friday,  Aug, 24 and Aug 25 for a fundraiser for them to raise money to be able to purchase a handicapped van for their son Wyatt.

The aldermen agreed to do so.

From there, the city business turned to trash collection bids. One company said it did not receive an email with a changed bid document. “At this point we have to rely on his statement,” said Cydney Mayfield, Sturgeon city attorney.

The bid document was changed from one collection per week to twice and one company, A-1, said it did not receive the new bid. T-Mac and Daynes were the other bidders.

Alderman Zane Arends said A-1 did not necessarily follow all the procedures.

“You are required to provide that changed bid document to all bidders,” Mayfield said.

“I’m going to throw something else out,” Arends said. “There was a mess here, but what is T-Mac charging us now . . .  Why can’t we say we are extending their contract for one year. That gives everyone else a year to think about this… I think that would be the fair way . . . I’ve been in the same situation on bid jobs.”

City clerk Donna Tracy said T-Mac’s price had not changed.

“Reject them all and talk to them, and talk to T-Mac and extend the price for one year.” Arends said “They can cool down for a year and we can do it again next July.”

They, unanimously minus the absent Travis Sutton, to discard all bids and approach T-Mac with a request to extend their contract for one year.

“If they say no, we have to re-bid,” Mayfield said.

They then discussed hiring Lisa Wright to do the next city audit.

“The contract said audit,’ Tracy said. “But that’s not what we got.”

They discussed hiring Gerding Korte and Chitwood out of Boonville. “They didn’t want anything to do with us,” Tracy said.

“That might change now that you have financial controls in place,” Mayfield said.

“Everybody’s happy then,” Mayor Danny Joiner said as the three aldermen decided to retain Wright, with whom the city has a three-year contract.

They also voted to hire Boone Central to do a title search on the old city cemetery, provided it can be done within seven to 10 days.

Jodi Rusch and Chris Watson were appointed to the cemetery board.

Planning and zoning –  What is going on with Sterling? P7Z Chair Mike Jacoby said he has to schedule a public hearing.

Ofcr David Kelb gave his report, including a rest on drug and domestic assault charges – He said he made three arrests in July and 57 traffic stops.

“Do  you know who owns that big dog that looks like a St. Bernard,” Joiner said. “He’s got big poofy hair and was up on our patio last night. If you happen to see it.”

Tracy asked that she and Marsha Butynek receive one more session of Quickbooks training. “It’s going to be ongoing learning, there’s no doubt about it.” The training cost $85 per hour along with a $40 travel fee.

Butynek said the city had been paying unemployment on elected officials for an undisclosed amount of town.

“I didn’t know we were doing it,” Tracy said. “I didn’t see the books.”

The aldermen voted to pay for four or five hours more Quickbooks training for Butynek and Tracy.

Steve Crosswhite said he was concerned about wrong-way traffic on Patton street exiting the Sturgeon K-8 building. No action was taken.

From there the aldermen went into an unposted closed session meeting, possibly in violation of the Missouri Open Meetings and Records Act. Joiner said it was because of an urgent