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Sturgeon R-V hears from Mental Health Coalition

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2018 at 6:38 am

An audience of eight sat in on the Sept. 13 meeting of the Sturgeon R-V School Board.

The board began the meeting with announcements of a pair of special events:

  • Family Fun night Oct. 26 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the K-8 Building
  • Trivia night, 6 p.m. Sept. 29 to raise funds for the Community Teachers Association scholarship fund.

After those announcements, Lou Tanner-Jones presented an update on the Boone County Mental

Lou Tanner-Jones presenting an update on the Boone County Mental Health Coalition.

Lou Tanner-Jones presenting an update on the Boone County Mental Health Coalition.

Health Coalition.

Tanner-Jones discussed how they helped teachers identify student risk factors. “We want to catch issues early and get them dealt with when they are small.”

She said the coalition used data gathered to help schools decide what type of help or interventions they might need. “We have people who can come out and help and we have money for interventions.” She said they also have data for confidential individual reports on students. “Data based decisions, we don’t make things up.” Data drives interventions to areas where they are needed, she said.

Tanner Jones listed specific support the coalition supplied to the R-V District

The list included: Individual counseling, Behavior plans, small group interventions, assistance to families to connect to supports, staff consultation for mental and behavioral health issues, professional development for staff. “We have the funds for the community, we might as well take advantage of them,” she said.

In his monthly report, Sturgeon High School Principal John Kruse said the attendance was good but the student population was 10 down from last year. “We’ve had some move-outs” He said dual credit classes are up and rolling, additionally the A+ program student tutors are now active.

Oct 24-27, said Samantha Strodman, district FFA advisor, is the date of the FFA National convention in Indianapolis Indiana. She has 14 students who want to go, but the program can only take 10. Board member Kevin Smith asked why only 10. She replied there was only so much room on the bus and that attendance was something that had to be earned through participation. The four board members presented unanimously voted to allow the program to go. Board members Heather Dougherty, Misty Doss and Denise Flaspohler were absent.

Brandee Brown, K-8 principal said the start of their school year has also been smooth and introduced some special events. She distributed the building’s new monthly newsletter regarding activities and staff profiles. Brown also introduced the K8 building’s strategic plan.

Curriculum and transportation director Jeff Carr presented a financial report on summer school. “Summer School benefits a lot of kids and helps us with our ADA and bottom line.” Carr said the new, pre-owned school busses had arrived.

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