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Centralia Library board discusses internal security cameras

Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 6:01 am

The Centralia Public Library has installed a video monitoring system to better maintain good behavior during its events.

That was one of the high points of library board of trustee’s November 14 meeting. Others included complying with the state’s $0.85 minimum wage increase, slated to take effect January 1 and an update on the flooring project.

There will be an extra eye or two on Centralia Public Library activities from now on.

According to the draft minutes, the board unanimously, minus trustee Catherine Simmons, voted to raise the hourly wages of all part-time library staff on January 1 by $0.85 per hour. Hopkins said the minimum wage would increase the library’s payroll by approximately $6,500. She also suggested in the future annual raises be given January 1, as it was done last year as well, instead of in April, as had been past practice. No action was taken on the suggestion.

Hopkins, according the meeting’s draft minutes, reported to the board the library’s new camera surveillance system has been installed and is working well.

According to the minutes during the meeting she shared “Pictures of young patrons misbehaving and various areas of the premises captured on camera,” with board members. She said the new system allows her to monitor the cameras’ live feed through her cell phone or work computer “at any time during the day or night.” The system, she said, stores data for two weeks before it is overwritten, which she said, give staff time to save any photos or video-footage they think needs to be saved.

Hopkins said the $2,775 multi-camera system was installed in mid-September.

She also updated the board on the project to rebuild the library’s floor.

Hopkins said.  The carpet manufacturer has the carpet ready, but the tiles are still being manufactured, and the estimated date of delivery is December 9. She said carpet and tile installation will begin on or after that date.

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