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Centralia P&Z recommends changes in rezoning application

Posted on Friday, July 24, 2020 at 6:27 am

A socially distances six-member audience was on hand for the July 20 meeting of Centralia’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

One topic was the completion of Columbia Street and recording of the plat and deed. “I have all the lots sold, but cannot record them until the infrastructure is done,” developer Boyd Harris said.

Commission members discussed the pros and cons of an ordinance conditional on the final road improvements being complete by a certain date, with Cydney Mayfield, expressing concern of such ordinance, “we don’t write conditional laws.” Members, including former city administrator Lynn Behrens said they did. recommending

From the left: Boyd Harris, Lynn Behrns and Don Bormann review a city record.

The commission voted to approve the recommendation on the condition the road work was complete August 10.

“Someone should have the right to request just because they feel like it,’ but we don’t have to approve it,” Behrns said regarding potential rezoning requests and a proposed ordinance requiring more information regarding rezoning requests brought to the city, which used the phrase “competent and substantial evidence.”

Mayfield said the standard was developed by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Harris said so long as there is a complete application covering what the commission wants to see, that should be sufficient.

Commissioner Phil Hoffmann agreed, “I agree with Boyd, so long as somebody can submit a completed form, that should be enough… If you fill all the information out, that’s competent and substantial.”

“The developers should be prepared to present that evidence, you guys should be able to meet that substantial and competent burden from the beginning,” Mayfield said to the commission. “You’re looking at making sure the decision is not arbitrary and capricious.”

The commission voted to have staff write an amendment to the city zoning ordinance to bring the rezoning application process closer that used by Boone County. It would also require a sign to be posted on the property announcing the proposed rezoning.