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Centralia aldermen move on demolitions

Posted on Friday, September 25, 2020 at 6:12 am

An audience of 18 listened to a hearing dedicated to buildings, three, that the city of Centralia Considers dangerous.

First up was Larry Goodman, who owns property at 720 South Central. Testifying Wednesday night, September 23, in Centralia City Hall before the audience and all six of Centralia’s aldermen, he agreed with the assertion made by Cydney Mayfield, city attorney that the conditions of the building were decayed, dilapidated and deteriorated and the building constituted a public nuisance and must be torn down and demolished.

Carol Ray Dollens brought his own bible to swear upon during a dangerous building hearing at Centralia City Hall.

Goodman also waived his right to have an attorney present. “If you don’t demolish it, the city will be demolished it and the cost will be entered a lien against your property,” Randall Thompson, an attorney, who ran the meeting in lieu of Centralia Mayor Chris Cox, who had recused himself.

Goodman thanked the board for their assistance and consideration.”

Next was the Cindy Hamilton, the owner of #4 Kellogg Drive.

Mayfield described the property as in a state of deterioration and disrepair for a number of years, and subject of complaints from neighboring property owners. That included cats, racoons and overgrown shrubbery which “posed a danger to their grandchildren.”

She also referenced a city-commissioned report from MECO Engineering on the structural situation of the building, conditions the report said, poised a public nuisance and a danger of collapse.

Mayfield also said a neighbor sustained a life-threatening illness from the mosquitos infesting the property.

Thompson asked Hamilton if she wanted to make a statement.

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