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Audrain Sheriff’s Department makes county-wide sex-offenders sweep

Posted on Friday, November 15, 2019 at 6:43 am

During the week of November 4- 8, members of the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office, United States Marshals Office, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Digital Forensics Unit conducted a comprehensive compliance check of 95 registered sex offenders residing in Audrain County. The compliance check included, but was not limited to, the verification of home addresses, employment, on-line presence, phone numbers, vehicle registrations the offenders had previously reported to the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office while registering as sex offenders.

As a result, the compliance check, 14 offenders were found out of compliance of their sex offender registry requirements and were arrested. Arrested were:

  1. Charles A. Raynor
  2. William J. Hill
  3. Roger D. Holt
  4. Charles W. McCurdy
  5. Anthony S. Barker
  6. Sam F. Polacek
  7. Timothy A. Chatman
  8. Jerimiah Z. Clark, not arrested; however is being sought by the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office for being non-compliant with his registration.
  9. Theodore l. Lewis
  10. Walter J. Maddox
  11. Terry S. Harrison
  12. Cody K. Moore
  13. Joseph L. Jennings
  14. Rochella R. Bland
  15. Danny E. Jennings

All 15 offenders were booked into the Audrain County Jail and later court ordered to be released with conditions set by the court.