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Aug. 4 primary absentee voting started Tuesday w/expanded mailing options & redesigned envelopes

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2020 at 6:13 am

Earlier this month Senate Bill 631 was officially signed by Governor Parson, expanding options for voters in 2020 and creating two additional ways to vote by mail:

 Absentee ballots: Voters may request an absentee ballot if they have or are at-risk for contracting or transmitting COVID-19. Voters using that excuse or the excuse of incapacity or confinement due to illness or injury do not need their ballots notarized. Voters can return their absentee ballots by mail or in person, including curbside drop off at our office by calling (573) 886-4375 to schedule a drop off time. A full list of absentee reasons and an online form to request an absentee ballot online is available at vote.boonemo.org.

A Boone County absentee voting packet

 Mail-in ballots: The law also creates the option of mail-in ballot that any voter can request in person or by mail. Voters that choose a mail-in ballot must have their ballot notarized and must return their ballot by mail only. The mail-in ballot application is available as a PDF at https://www.showmeboone.com/clerk/votebymailoptions.asp and can be mailed to the Boone County Clerk’s Office, attn: Mail-in Ballot, 801 E. Walnut, Room 236, Columbia MO 65201.

Whether you plan to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot, the deadline to apply for a mailed ballot is 5pm on July 22nd for the August Primary.

In-person absentee voting is also available beginning 8am on Tuesday through 5pm on August 3rd.

All ballots must be received in the Boone County Clerk’s Office by 7pm on Election Day.

Absentee and mail-in ballot packets have been redesigned to account for the new options and also now include ballot tracking functionality so that voters can check when their ballot has been received by the clerk’s office. Images of the new ballot packet are included with this release and a demonstration of the ballots is available athttps://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3201341316611290. Voters that request a mailed ballot should look for the red “OFFICIAL BALLOTING MATERIAL” designation on the new smaller envelopes.