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August 4 primary, Boone County, area results

Posted on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 7:25 am

Asbury wins Boone District II Republican primary, Amendment 2 passes on strength of metro vote

10:30 p.m., August 4, updated 1:23 p.m. – August 5

The unofficial Boone County results are in – Tristan Asbury wins the Republican nomination for for District 2 Northern boone county commissioner. He will face incumbent Janet Thompson in the November election.

Morning voting in Thompson.

Asbury won with 1,701 votes.
Jim Musgraves came in with 1,544, Brenndan Riddles had 887 and Sam Boyce with 858.
Amendment 2 won state-wide, in a come-from-behind victory, and in Boone County.
In Boone it won 23,697 votes to 11,891.
State-wide it won 672,597 to 590,809 –  53.25 percent to 46.75 percent.
In a preview of one of the November races, the contest for District 44 representative, Cheri Tolson Reisch – Republican and Jacque Sample – Democrat, Reisch won 2,956 votes in her primary while Sample won 2,605 in hers.
In another preview, this time for Boone County Sheriff, incumbent Dwayne Carey won 16,867 votes in the Democratic primary and challenger Charles Blair won 10,750 in the Republican primary.
The other preview race is for the District 1, southern district commissioner’s race. Incumbent Republican Fred Parry won 6,622 votes in his primary. He Democrat challenger, Justin Aldred, took 10,472 in the Democratic primary.
Galloway won Boone’s Democratic primary race for governor with 19,357 votes.
Parsons won Boone’s Republican primary for governor with 11,055.
According to the county clerk’s report, 28.75 percent of Boone county’s registered voters voted in the primary.
In Audrain, 25.83 percent voted.
In Monroe, 38.53 percent voted.
At 10:30 p.m., statewide, Amendment 2 is behind 444,729 to 483,328 with 1,943 of 3,575 precincts reporting.
Editor’s note: This article will be updated late Wednesday morning.