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Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson says participation in county survey will help determine future county land-use

Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 10:59 am

An audience of 21 were invited to get in on the ground floor of the construction of the Boone County Master Plan.

That was the majority, but not the totality, of what Northern Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson spoke about Thursday, Aug. 24, when she lunched with members of the Centralia Kiwanis Club during their noon meeting at Friendship Place.

Commissioner Janet Thompson speaking to the Centralia Kiwanis

The master plan, Thompson, who has served as commissioner since 2013, will help guide future land use in the county. “It will help us discuss what the county should look like, 10-, 20-, 30- years from now,” she said, “Instead of constantly saying, ‘this is what we did 20 years ago.’”

The county only has a finite amount of land, she said, “despite the desires of some to somehow expand into Audrain or Randolph counties… We have set boundaries, set jurisdictions.”

The master plan, when complete, will help guide the county in developing its infrastructure such as water and sewer utilities. “The plan will help us develop our water, sewer and transportation.”

She encouraged the audience to visit the Boone County website and participate in the survey regarding the master plan.  will get them there, and, when you get to the site, the first thing that actually pops up is the link to the survey.  The more voices that are heard, the better the process and ultimate result will be.”

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