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Breakfast for hundreds at CES

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 7:39 am

Centralia’s Chance Elementary School’s annual “Doughnuts with Dads,” once again provided breakfast for a few hundred fathers, male guardians, and or male friends of the family the morning of Friday, September 20 at Chance Elementary School.”

A happy father and daughter at CES' Doughnuts with Dads.

A happy father and daughter at CES’ Doughnuts with Dads.

Chance Elementary Parent Teacher Organization volunteers served 560 glazed doughnuts, 250 cartons of milk,150 bottles of water and an estimated two gallons of coffee between 7- and 8 a.m. that morning.

“It was a big crowd,” said Kirsten Deckerd PTO volunteer, “this was the first time we’ve ran out of coffee..”

By all accounts their efforts were appreciated.

“It’s pretty cool,” Charlie Holden, there with his children Jakhiya, Deajkame and Camarion. “This helps me get to know the school and the teachers.”

Grant Lee, here with his daughter Olivia, a kindergarten student at Chance Elementary agreed. “This is great, I wish I had more time to do it, I’d like to see more,” he said.

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