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CBMS Lady Panthers beat Boonville in CBMS Tournament

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 9:02 pm

Centralia wins, 33-32

What started as a blowout, finished as a squeaker.

That is one way of describing the CBMS Lady Panthers’ CBMS Tournament win over the Boonville Lady Pirates Wednesday night at Centralia’s

Caris Finlay preparing to score against Boonville’s tallest player.

Chester Boren Middle School.

Centralia shut out Boonville in the first quarter, 5-0.

Boonville fought back in the second and the teams went into the locker rooms at halftime with Centralia ahead, 10-8.

Boonville continued their surge in the third, taking the lead, 20-19.

But Boonville’s aggressive play got them into foul trouble in the fourth and Centralia capitalized from the free-throw line, courtesy of Baily Schuerring, Caris Finlay and others and the finished the game, the winners, 32-33.

According to the unofficial stats, Finlay and Juli Dollens led the team with nine points each, followed by  with 9 and Schuering with 8.

Boonville’s Effi Morris led them with nine points.

Central plays Columbia Independent in the next rung of the tournament, 4

Bailey Schuering scoring to put Centralia ahead early against Boonville.

p.m., Friday.