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Centralia mayor hails demotion as sign of progress, promises kept

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 11:44 am

At the corner of Railroad and Rollins streets where the Narragansett Building has stood for more than a century, something is happening.

The roar of diesel, the crashing thunder of falling bricks and masonry, to some it was the sound of memories being drug into the history’s dustbin, to others it was the sound of progress.

Early in the process.

Progress is what came to mind for Centralia Mayor Chris Cox.

Though the actual demotion grant was signed by his predecessor Tim Grenke, Cox, described himself as the “squeaky wheel,” that encouraged the relevant agencies to release the approvals and grant funds to get the bids solicited, read, approved and turned into wall-crushing action.

Grenke for his part, said he was glad the building was coming down. “It is awesome,” he said. It took a while but the city is finally cleaning up an eyesore that has been there for years. I am glad I had a part in its resolution.”

“There is a way to promote action without provoking people,” Cox said regarding his interaction with the Regional Planning Commission, which was the agency that provided the Community Development Block Grant which funded 80 percent of the demolition cost.

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