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Centralia Aldermen change speed limits

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 7:53 am

Declares Kellogg St. house a public health nuisance

A thin, two-member crowd sat for the August 17 meeting of the Centralia Board of aldermen and listened to the aldermen vote on speed limits and taxes, as well as discuss tearing down a house they called a public health nuisance.

Mayor Chris Cox kicked things off with a tax-rate hearing. Heather Russell, city administrator said there were no changes scheduled. The aldermen voted to keep the tax rate the same.

Don Bormann spoke from the audience voicing his concern regarding street plans and their relationship to the city’s comprehensive plan and the aldermen’s proposition to make most, but not all, Centralia streets 25 mph.

An employee of Steve’s Pest Control applies pesticide to the property at #4 Kellogg Street, which the city is declaring a public health nuisance.

“If speed limits are unreasonably low, people tend to ignore them, which leads them to ignore them important places such as school zones, thus making the streets more dangerous.”

He also said it would cause increased traffic-ticket writing, which would damage the relationship between the Centralia Police Department and the city residents.

He raised the idea of raising school-zone speed limits for when there is no school in session.

Cox asked Bob Bias, chief of the Centralia Police Department, for his opinion.

“We have a difficult time responding to all the speeding complaints,” Bias said. He also said the data provided by the BCSD’s speed-monitoring trailer said the data indicated the issue was not as prevalent as complaints indicated. The aldermen seemed to agree. Bias said it was an education issue with people learn to slow down in specific areas as tickets are written.

Bias said he did not think a speed-limit change was necessary.

Cox asked if the city could purchase its own speed limit trailer and said the speed limit change was not going to include all the streets originally proposed.

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