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Centralia Aldermen discuss recycling, forgiveness

Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 5:07 pm

The chairs were empty.

There was no audience, except for one police officer, to listen to four of Centralia’s of aldermen discuss the value of garbage collection and cardboard recycling. That was part of the discussion regarding the upcoming renewal of the city’s contract with Dayne’s Waste Disposal.

“This is costing people money,” mayor Chris Cox said, after describing counting eight non-residents in one day using the city’s recycling dumpsters. “At some point we have to decide what makes sense for the city.”

City administrator ‘Tara Strain, suggested a poll to gauge the desire for curb-side recycling

“I’m a big fan of curb-side versus container,” Cox said, “because any Tom Dick and Harry can come by and drop whatever they want in a container.” He suggested selling the city’s recycling containers. No decision was made, but indications were the topic would be discussed in future board meetings.

With that, they unanimously, minus absent aldermen Donnie Rodgers and Landon Magley, voted to accept the annual waste-disposal contract with Dayne’s.

They also accepted a rental bid from Cintas, “not the lowest, but the best,” Strain said of the Cintas bid for rug rental.

Under new business they discussed forgiveness for city customers who experience a “catastrophic” water leak. Strain said a resident had approached Matt Rusch, director of public works and public utilities about forgiveness for a major water leak. “I think it is something we should have,” Cox said, “to help people who have bad things happen unintentionally… I think it should be a one-time deal. We need to put something in an ordinance.”

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