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Centralia Aldermen discuss RV parking

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 11:23 am

Changes in parking rules to be discussed

An audience of three listened to the May 15 meeting of the Centralia Board of Aldermen which began with Linda Bormann and Arthur Dollens expressing concerns with the city.

Bormann wanted to know about the city waste collection RFQs. City administrator Tara Strain said the process was ongoing.

Dollens asked about his relationship with the city. He also requested an explanation of what protocols a person would have to undertake before addressing the aldermen in open session.

When Centralia Mayor Chris Cox asked why, Dollens said he had been kicked out of city property, in this case, the Centralia Recreation Center. Afterward, city officials told the Fireside Guard the incident to which Dollens alluded to had occurred two or three years ago.

Cox said, “It would be good for you to put your concerns in writing. “so we can share it amongst the aldermen.” Dollens said he would, “but you’re not going to like it… You’re doing

Arthur Dollens speaking at the May 15 meeting of the Centralia Board of Aldermen.

some good stuff here, but the same crew, they don’t even live in town, are trying to leach off all of us.”

He said he would return to discuss his concerns when the full board was attending. Ward 1’s David Wilkins and Ward II’s Robert Hudson, both absent.

From there board members discussed extending Schmidt Grading’s contract at no additional cost to the city, ‘because they have not finished the work,” Cox said. That passed unanimously 4-0, Wilkins and Hudson were absent.

RV parking on city streets and rights-of-ways was also on their plates. City Attorney Cydney Mayfield held forth on the subject. The gist of which seemed to be that a RV could not be parked for more than 72 hours on public property, otherwise it would be considered abandoned, and towed by the city.

Harlan Hatton, chief of the Centralia Police Department asked for a definition of RV, and that led to a discussion of those who would move their RV or RV-type vehicle, including pull-behinds, “only an inch,” which would satisfy how the current ordinance reads.