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Centralia Aldermen table fowl, slow development

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:07 am

More than 25 people crowded into the Centralia City Hall Council Chambers in time to hear Centralia Mayor Chris Cox request a vote to go into closed session.

Brenda Moss telling the Centralia Board of Aldermen that Darren Adams’ proposal was spot zoning and contrary to the city’s comprehensive plan.

It was not a unanimous decision. Ward I’s Don Bormann voted against the closed session, despite Cox having said the “city’s legal team is ready for us.” Bormann said he thought if the were going to go into closed session,

it should be after the public comment portion of the meeting.

Twenty minutes later they returned to the chamber, where Cox said they had discussed personnel, legal and real estate matters and only took one vote, to return to open session.

From there they discussed Darren Adams two proposed developments in South Centralia and chickens.

They started with chickens and other fowl within city limits. Centralia resident Andrew Power took the microphone to say city regulations on the topic indicated two different distances for setbacks in back yards when fowl are being raised.

Russell said that was a typographical error and was being fixed. Power also wanted to know, “Why are we copying word for word laws from another city.” He said Higginsville, from where the city copied its ordinance, “Was not much of an agricultural city, why should we be following another city instead of leading the pack.”

“If it works it’s good,” said Cox. “Why re-invent it. And Higginsville is 50 miles from Kansas City. That’s plenty far for agriculture.”

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