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Centralia Backs the Blue holding fundraiser to help local families have a better Christmas

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 6:32 am

Centralia police officers are working with a local non-profit to help local families have a better Christmas.

Traditionally, this time of year the CPD would have by now teamed up with the non-profit, Centralia Backs the Blue, a Centralia non-profit which is not affiliated with the CPD or the Centralia city government, to raise funds to help the CPD’s “give back” program, along with other local causes.

Those other causes have included things such as funds to help people recover from losing their homes to fires, donations to local churches’ community holiday dinners and according to their website. www.centraliabackstheblue.org/shop “money, food and toys to families in need.”

Centralia Backs the Blue is holding a fund-raising raffle to help local families.

This year, however, one of Centralia Backs the Blue’s main fundraisers, “Pool with the Police,” done in partnership with I.C. Billiards, was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

“So, Backs the Blue started a Christmas raffle to help the CPD help local families in need,” said CPD officer Logan Feger. “We, the CPD, do that with our ‘Give-back’ program. We have gift cards that we give to families that could use a hand… The gift cards could be used for bills, food, clothes or even toys for children.”

Raffle tickets are available through the Back the Blue web site,  at $10 for one ticket and $20 for three.

Feger said several local businesses have already donated gift cards as raffle prizes.

The drawing for the raffle prizes will be held December 11.

This year’s CPD Give-back program ends midnight, December 31.

Besides helping give back to the community, Feger said there is another reason for the Give-back program. “It is part of positive community policing,” he said. “Community policing is part of our focus at the CPD. Any thing we can do to encourage a positive perception of law enforcement is a good thing. People always remember a positive interaction with the police, and this is our community too.”

Current Backs the Blue president, Tim Kribbs put it this way on the group’s web page.

“In 2019, Backs the Blue raised over $1,200 dollars to distribute back into our small community providing money, food and toys to families in need. Centralia Back’s the Blue is truly a not-for-profit organization solely operated on donations. We do not accept compensation for our service, so 100 percent of donations goes toward helping the community. Centralia Missouri is a wonderful community which continuously supports law enforcement and we hope to do our part in helping keep it that way.”