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Centralia boys lose to Salisbury in 2nd round of Centralia Tournament

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 11:06 pm

Salisbury 61, Centralia 48

Centralia showed they had the players Thursday night on Centralia High School’s Jim Enlow Court.

That is when the played, and ultimately lost to the Salisbury Panthers in the second round of the Centralia Tournament.

Salisbury did not have it easy.

No matter how many times they stretched out a 10 or 12 point lead, Centralia always managed to whittle it down to a five-point game.

Kile Chitwood goes for two.

Salisbury alway led, but not always by a lot.

The first quarter ended 15-12 Salisbury; the second, 31-19 Salisbury; the third, 44-36 Salisbury and they finished it 61-48.

Nathan Greene and Kile Chitwood led Centralia with nine points each, followed by Liam Hill with eight and Grant Erisman and Jackson Wells with seven each.

Nate Greene fighting for a rebound.

Liam Hill evening the score.

Jackson Wells scoring

Salisbury’s Jayden Green led the game with 21 points.

Centralia plays Boonville for third place, 6 p.m., Saturday.

Salisbury plays Harrisburg for first, 8 p.m. Saturday and Sturgeon plays Macon, 4 p.m. Saturday for fifth.